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Physical Therapy

Cindy J. Hillesheim, PT

Cindy Hillesheim is a 1987 graduate from University of Wisconsin‐Madison where she earned her degree in physical therapy. She has specialized in outpatient orthopedic and spine rehabilitation throughout her entire career. Cindy welcomes patients of all ages and levels of chronicity. This ranges from acute injury and post‐operative recovery to chronic pain and myofascial syndromes.   Her focuses include manual therapy approach, individualized therapeutic exercise, activity and self‐care program development, and life style and ergonomic modifications to maximize healing and quality of life. Cindy is certified in Dry Needling as an adjunct to care when needed. She takes pride in the challenge of treating the patient as a whole, recognizing that injuries and pain effect all facets of one’s life and often require an out of the box thought process for success. Cindy believes that each patient and therapist need to become a team, and going through physical therapy should be a constant exchange of knowledge and experiences that culminate in healing and healthy active living.